Form Fields


Form fields are the tools by which forms collect their data. Using specific form fields can make collecting necessary data much easier, as the type of field hints as to what's expected. For instance, a question like "Why did you leave your last job?" could be presented with either a text field, or a textarea. For the latter, it's suggested that the response be brief, whereas in the former, a more lengthy explanation is welcomed.

Basic Form Fields

The most commonly used form fields. You'll see these across pretty much every form, in various combinations. Learn More »

Advanced Form Fields

These fields are more restrictive than the basic form fields, but allow better and more precise data collection. A word of warning: Not all browsers support all these fields fully. Field behavior and especially look and feel may be affected. Learn More »

Display Options

Hiding certain fields until they're necessary or allowing the user to add and remove certain sections can ease confusion and allow you to get the most information in one submission. Learn More »


Validating your form is always a necessity and doing it on the backend allows for greater control and more precision. Learn More »