The YouTube module fixes a layering issue that can occur when using iframes, as YouTube does. If you are experiencing this issue (you'll know), please contact us at 405-478-4080 or file a support ticket and we'll add the module to your site.
Please note:
The YouTube module is currently in beta, meaning its not completely finished. If you encounter any problems with the module, please file a support ticket so we can determine the issue.

How does the YouTube module work and what is it used for?

The YouTube module will display the YouTube video of your choosing. It fixes a layering issue that can occur when using iframes to embed videos.

What should I know about the YouTube module before I start?
  1. The module will not work if the video ID is incorrect.
  2. The module will not dynamically resize the video.
How do I add a YouTube module?

Step 1: Log into Javelin.

Step 2: Choose which web page and region you want to add the module to, then click the black "Add" button above this region.

Step 3: The Add Module popup will appear. Choose that you would like to insert a "YouTube" module.
If the module is not in your Add Module popup, you probably don't need one. Please use the instructions on embedding videos in a text module. 

Step 4: The module will appear on the page with filler content. Unlike other modules, this content is visible to users or while in View mode.

How do I delete a YouTube module?

Step 1: Hover over the arrow next to "Settings."

Step 2: Select "Delete."

Step 3: Select "OK" from the prompt.

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How do I move a YouTube module?

Click & drag the module from the four-pointed arrow on its admin bar to move the module between regions or other modules on the page.

How do I add a video?

Step 1: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to add.

Step 2a: Get the Video ID from the URL: Copy the URL after the v= and, if necessary, before any hashes (#).


Step 2b: Get the Video ID from the short URL: Beneath the video and to the right, click "Share" and a URL will appear. Copy the final part of the URL. This is the "Video ID."

  • ← the part after the slash.

Step 3: Back in the YouTube module on your site, click "Settings" from the module's admin bar.

Step 4: Paste in the Video ID into the second field marked "Video ID."

Step 5: Click "Save" or "Save & Continue."

How do I determine the size of the video?

Step 1: Go back to YouTube. If necessary, click the "Share" link.

Step 2: Above to the URL is link for "Embed." Click it.

Step 3a: Use the automatic guides: Use the "Video Size" dropdown to get the desired dimensions.
Step 3b: Create a custom size: Choose "Custom Size" from the dropdown and type in the desired width or height to calculate the ratio (width is the first field; height the second).

Step 4: On your site, enter the height and width in the module's settings.

Step 5: Click "Save" or "Save & Continue."