The Products module is a custom module, meaning that it is not automatically available to all Javelin users. If you feel that your site would benefit from a Products module, please call us at 405-478-4080 or file a support ticket for pricing details.

How does the Products module work and what is it used for?

The Products module is Javelin's shopping cart. Products can be added to different modules on different pages, and these modules can be shared between pages. There are flags for featured, hidden, and out of stock items as well as support for coupon codes, flat-rate shipping, and weight-based shipping. Furthermore, the module handles both manual and automatic payment processing.

Overall, the Products module is designed to display products (in a set display options) from which users can view details, choose product options (set by an administrator), and pay for their items directly from your website.

All sites that handle credit cards are covered with an SSL.