Advanced Features

What is/how do I create a static calendar

A static calendar is one in which the events are displayed, but they do not lead to more detailed information. This can be useful in creating more of a reference calendar rather than one full of events.

To create a static calendar

Step 1: Create your events but only fill out:

  • Event Title
  • Start Date (if multi-day, End Date)
  • Put a Hash (#) in the Link/URL field (disables linking)

Enter Title, Start Date, and a Hash as the URL/Link to create an unlinkable event. End date is optional but necessary on multi-day events.

Step 2: Change the display view to be Full Calendar with Events Inside.

A static calendar displays the events, but does not link to further details.

How do I edit a static calendar?

Step 1: Change the calendar view to anything with "List" in the name.

Step 2: Make changes as normal.

Step 3: Remember to save your work.

Step 4: Change the calendar view to Full Calendar with Events Inside.

Step 5: Save the changes.

Alternatively, you can create a hidden page with a list-view calendar, then share it onto a visible page that contains the full calendar.

How can I make my calendar have an RSS feed?

Step 1: Click on any event to view its details.

Step 2: Delete the view/# part of the URL.

Step 3: Type feed at the end of the URL.

Step 4: Delete any page names in the URL.

The end result should be

The page viewed at the URL created should look similar to those that are presented when subscribing to a blog.

How can I make my calendar subscribable via calendar software?

Step 1: Follow the steps to create an RSS feed.

Step 2: Add /ics to the end of the feed URL.

The end result should be

The link will either try to download a file or display an unformatted page of text depending on the end user's browser settings.