Javelin offers a variety of modules intended to help you easily add and manage the content on your site. The tutorial for each module gives specific information for using it to its full advantage. While every module is unique, they share some common functions. These functions are explained in more detail in the individual tutorials, but the following are more or less true for every module.

How do I add a module?

Step 1: Log into Javelin.

Step 2: Choose which web page and region you want to add the module to, then click the black "Add" button above this region.

Click the black Add button to add modules to a region.

Step 3: The Add Module popup will appear. Choose the module to add.

Select the type of module you want to add from the popup.

Step 4: The module will appear on the page with filler content. This content is not visible to users or while in View mode.

How do I delete a module?

Step 1: Hover over the arrow on the module's admin bar.

Hover over the arrow on the module's admin bar to bring up the dropdown.

Step 2: Select "Delete."

Step 3: Select "OK" from the prompt.

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How do I move a module?

Click & drag the module from the four-pointed arrow on its admin bar to move the module between regions or other modules on the page.

Click & Drag the module's admin bar to move the module between regions on a page.

How do I access a module's settings?

If the module has a Settings button

Click the "Settings" button from the module's admin bar.

If the module has an Add…/Edit button

Hover over the arrow next to the "Add…" or "Edit" button. Click "Settings."

Either click the Settings button on the module's admin bar, or hover over the arrow to bring up the dropdown.