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Mobile users interact with websites differently than desktop users. In short, they want the information now. Mobile content should be treated more like a billboard: If you can't read it at 60 miles an hour, it's too much.

We suggest cross-checking your changes to the mobile site on your smart phone to ensure that they look the way you want. Not every module will display as it does on your desktop site.

A Short Example

Size depicted is 320x480, which is the standard viewport of most iPhones.

Ticket prices at Lorem Ipsum Entertainment Concerts are based on the following criteria:

  • Concert-goer Height
  • Concert-goer Age
  • Number of Concert-goers per seating arrangement

The price is determined as follows, adding each to the last.

  • Concert-goer Height:
    Between 0 and 36": $5
    Between 36" and 60": $10
    60" and up: $15
  • Concert-goer Age:
    Between 0 and 3: $0
    Between 4 and 12: $5
    Between 13 and 17: $10
    18 and up: $15
  • Number of Concert-goers:
    1: $0
    Between 2 and 5: $8
    Between 6 and 9: $6
    10 and up: $4

Call us at 999-123-4567 when you are ready to purchase your tickets. Alternatively, you can visit our main location at:

123 Example Drive,
Example, EX 78945

If you have further questions, please call us at 999-123-4568 or email us at

Lorem Ipsum Entertainment Concert Ticket Prices

Below age 4 & under 3' $5.00
Below age 4 & over 3' $10.00
Ages 4 to 12 & under 5' $15.00
Ages 4 to 12 & over 5'
Ages 13 to 17 & under 5'
Ages 13 and 17 & over 5'
Adults under 5'
Adults over 5'

Group Surcharge

The following surcharge ensures your group is seated together. The price is added per ticket.

Groups of 2 to 5: $8.00
Groups of 6 to 9: $6.00
Groups of 10 and more: $4.00

Order Tickets 

Order tickets online or call us. Check our FAQ for specific questions, or contact us.

Creating Clickable Telephone Links

When creating the link, put tel: before the number. Dashes and spaces are optional, but adding the country code (1 for US) and area code is recommended. Using dots (.), commas (,), or semicolons (;) will add pauses between numbers. This is intended for use with phone extensions, but as every major mobile operating system uses a different standard, it is unwise to rely on them. View the tutorial on telephone links.

Linking to Mobile Pages

Use /m/ before any link to load that specific mobile page (it must be in the mobile sitemap). Disregarding the /m/ will load the desktop page (it must be in the sitemap) on the mobile template if the user is viewing the site with the mobile view. To ensure that all pages load in the mobile template, use the /m/ before the links.