Alert Banner

What is the Alert Banner?

The alert banner is a notification bar shown at the top of your website across all pages. This is a useful tool for announcements like office closings, store hour changes, or specials you're running.

How do I customize the Alert Banner?

Here’s how to create your message:

  1. Sign in with admin Javelin website account
  2. Hover over Manage and click Page Settings
  3. Click the tab for Alert Banner
  4. Customize your message, font, and font color by adjusting the settings. You can bold, italicize and link text. Enable the message.
  5. Click Save 

Once saved, you will need to refresh your web page to see the changes. 

What if I don't see the Alert Banner option?

If you do not see the Alert Banner option in your website's Page Settings, please contact our support team at